Our sandblasting facility at Silkwood has a floor area of approximately 250 m2 (10m x 25m) we sandblast steel structures, aluminum boats, antique cars etc and can blast to the required profile. The main abrasive used is Garnet we have a 500 CFM Atlas Copco air compressor for use in our sandblasting shed able to run two blast pots. We also have 2 x Atlas Copco XAS 160 and 1 Atlas Copco XAS 175 Air Compressors for mobile work and hire.

Industrial Coatings

The majority of paints used by Tropical Coast Sandblasting are all 2 pack products and we deal with all paint companies, our main suppliers being International Protective Coatings, Dulux and PPG Industries Australia.

Dry Sieved Sand Suppliers

Our sand dryer has the capacity of drying 4 tonne per hour depending on the grade of sand. The sand is put through the sand dryer trommel a gas burner dry’s the sand and it is then sieved and graded to the required size. Our main clientele is the sugar industry and rendering companies, It is stored in 1 tonne Bulka Bags. We have been supplying dry sieved sand for over 30 Years.

Hire of Sand Blasting Equipment

We have all the equipment for the job from 375 CFM air compressors to blast pots, air preps and hoses all available for hire. All of our equipment is the latest in technology and state of the art.

Suppliers of Industrial Paints & Sand Blasting Products

Once you have hired the sandblasting equipment we can provide you with the sandblasting product you require to blast. Once the job is sandblasted you’re going to have to paint it. We deal with all paint companies and can supply and advise you to get the right coatings for the job.

Truck & Hi Ab Hire

We have a 15000 GVM Truck with a Hi-Ab capability of two tonne, we have the ability to mobilise all three mobile units to our job sites. We deliver our dried sieved sand to our clientele and empty the bags into the required hoppers and we also have transport capabilities.



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